Gastronomic tour

Taste the dishes of the national cuisine of the Russian, Mordovian peoples and taste dairy products of their own production according to old recipes.
  • As part of the route, you will be able to:
  • Visit the ethno-house "Mordovian" and taste popular Mordovian dishes: fragrant, lush, millet pancakes straight from the oven, which are served with homemade, peasant butter melting on hot air pachat; rich, thick, meat Mordovian lam (soup), straight from the oven, in an old cast-iron dish; millet, rustic yam (porridge), cooked with homemade cow's milk, with a unique taste from childhood; knee eggs, the aroma and taste of which is incomparable with any other cooking method. And also drink tea brewed from field herbs harvested by hand, warming even in the coldest weather.
  • Visit the house of the "Milkman", where ancient recipes and traditional methods of cooking milk products have been preserved. During the visit you will be able to taste homemade cream, sour cream, cottage cheese, butter and many other things.
  • Go to the ethno-house "Russian", where you are greeted with a loaf, fed with shulyum (meat soup), pies, cook eggs in the oven, and treated to delicious tea prepared according to your own recipe. They also sing national songs and show a master class of playing folk instruments.
  • Cost per person
    1560 RUB (not included: amount for a group of up to 30 people).
  • Classification
  • Age category
    No restrictions
  • Duration
    Day trip
  • Discounts %
    Not provided
  • Number of locations
    3 - Three
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