Excursion to the house – museum of the composer L.I. Voinov

Leonid Ivanovich warriors ( 12.06.1989 Temnikov- 29.10.1967 Saransk) He played an exceptional role in the formation and development of professional musical creativity and solo instrumental performance in Mordovia. Composer, talented virtuoso balalaika player, organizer, permanent leader and conductor of the Temnikovsky Orchestra of Russian Folk Instruments, teacher, educator - his whole life was spent under the motto "I serve high music" (to paraphrase the words of V. Khodasevich "I serve high poetry"). For his services in the development of Mordovian musical art, L.I. Voinov was awarded the titles of People's Artist of the USSR (1947) and Honored Artist of the RSFSR (I960).
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