Visit to the ethno-house "Mordovian"

The Mordovian Ethno-House was created with the aim of preserving and developing folk traditions and rituals.
In the house, tourists are introduced to the life of the Mokshan ancestors. The guide tells about the ancient way of life, showing the exhibits of the museum and immediately visitors are offered interactive. Every tourist can cook their own national dishes: the famous Mordovian millet pancakes. Everything is prepared according to old recipes, from the same natural products, using old kitchen utensils.
In the Mordovian ethno-house, you can go through a "Rite for happiness", master classes of playing on wooden spoons and archery.When visiting, you will be able to taste popular Mordovian dishes: cabbage soup from the oven, millet porridge, Mordovian pancakes, knee eggs, herbal tea.
In addition to the gastronomic pleasure, the tourist is immersed in the creative national folklore. In the Mordovian ethno-house, guests are greeted with national songs to the accordion.
  • Cost per person
    With tasting: 680 RUB (not included: photo/video Summa)
    No tastings: 400 RUB (not included: photo/video collection Suma)
  • Discount %
    With tasting: not available
    Without tasting: Children under 4 years old free of charge
    Children from 5 to 7 years - 50%
    Children from 8 to 16 years - 30%
  • Age category
    No restrictions
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