Sightseeing tour to the sheep farm of the Malakhaeva Yu.P. farm.

Recently, some tourists prefer to spend their holidays in rural areas, where they can spend several weeks living in village houses, getting acquainted with the rural way of life, with local culture and local customs, taking part in traditional rural labor. This type of tourism is chosen by those tourists who have already seen a lot and want diversity. Most often, these are residents of large megacities who are tired of constant stress and the stressful pace of life. They want to spend their holidays in a quiet environment away from the hustle and bustle of the city. This type of recreation is distinguished by the use of natural, agricultural and other rural resources.
Therefore, we are trying to expand the possibilities of agricultural tourism.
Sightseeing tour to the sheep farm (Malakhaeva Yu.P. farm). a great way to get involved in agriculture.
The most important feature of sheep that immediately catches the eye is the horns with transverse notches. Interestingly, these animals can see what is happening behind them without turning around. And their eyes can also distinguish colors. Sheep are endowed with excellent hearing and sense of smell, which helps them find food and shelter from enemies. The main visual difference between a sheep and a ram is the size of the horns. Males do not differ from females in coloring. Although there are a lot of possible colors of wool, but animals of the same breed have almost the same color. Sheep are herd animals. And in their herd they communicate with each other. They can even distinguish each other by bleating. They differ in their unpretentiousness, and you can get meat, fat and wool from them. Sheep wool is used to make warm clothes.
To get acquainted with this type of farming, to look at animals, to learn about the peculiarities of breeding and cultivation, to feel the rural flavor and culture - all this you can do by visiting a sheep farm.
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