In the footsteps of Ushakov

This route will introduce you to the sights and historical places associated with the life of the great naval commander F.F. Ushakov
  • As part of the route, you will be able to:
  • Get acquainted with the city of Temnikov by taking a walking tour of its historical part. Learn the history of the creation of the city and see the houses that belonged to merchant dynasties.
  • Visit the Museum of Local Lore, which currently has 8 halls, in the funds - more than 7 thousand exhibits. The largest hall of the museum is dedicated to Admiral of the Russian Fleet F.F. Ushakov, an outstanding naval commander, the creator of a new tactic of naval combat, an ardent patriot of his homeland, an able diplomat, a crystal honest, demanding, extremely fair man, infinitely loved by sailors and officers.
  • Take a walk around the estate, listen to the story about the last years of his life, which the deeply pious F.F. Ushakov spent in the family estate. At the moment, the estate itself is destroyed, but there is a memorial stele and an apple orchard planted on that place (43 apple trees in honor of the number of victories made by the admiral). A project to restore the estate is being prepared.
  • To touch the true pearl of Mordovia - the Nativity of the Theotokos of Sanaksar Monastery. It is there that the grave and relics of the holy righteous warrior F.F. Ushakov are located (in 2001, the ROC canonized him).
  • To drink water from a healing spring - the Monk's spring, as well as to learn the legend of its origin.
  • Russian russians can immerse themselves in the culture of the Russian people by visiting the ethno-house "Russky", located in the village of Alekseevka, not far from the Ushakov family estate.
  • Cost per person
    1040 RUB (not included: amount for group excursions)
  • Classification
    Cultural and educational
  • Age category
    No restrictions
  • Duration
    Day trip
  • Discounts %
    Discounts are available for children under 16
  • Number of locations
    6 - Six
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