Sightseeing tour to the horse farm of the Pozdnyakov farm Sh.Sh.

We are developing agrotourism, which includes agricultural tourism, for recreation, familiarization with the traditional way of life, familiarization with the activities of agricultural workers.
Excursion to the horse farm (farm Pozdnyakova Sh.Sh.)it will help you enjoy communication with animals, feel unity with nature and admire the beautiful views.
Horses always attract attention and are different from other animals. They are strong, hardy and very beautiful, possessing grace and noble bearing. For many centuries, horses have faithfully served man, contributing to the development of agriculture. Large, but slender animals, with well-developed muscles and long strong limbs. Horses have a large head with an elongated elongated shape, expressive eyes with an almond-shaped slit, wide nostrils and pointed ears. The body is rounded, the neck is long and muscular. The legs end in horny hooves. A distinctive feature of horses are their luxurious, flowing mane, and long tail. The body of horses is covered with short stiff hairs, but the hair on the tail and mane has a softer and silky structure. As for the character, domesticated horses are docile, friendly and peaceful creatures. They have high intelligence and excellent memory.
This type of rest is a good way to relieve the usual tension, stress and get rid of anxiety.
  • Cost per person
    Attention! The service is provided only for groups of 7 people or more.
    60 RUB (+400 RUB for a group of 7 to 30 people)
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    Not provided
  • Age category
    No restrictions
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