Tourist routes

We offer you various formats of excursions and make a variety of routes
Directions of routes
  • Green Route (seasonal offer)
    The amazing and unique nature of Temnikov with its unique beauty. The tour is organized from May to September.
  • Agrotour
    Feed the horses, see how sheep are raised, and also taste and purchase farm products of your own production. 100% eco-friendly, delicious, individual.
  • Gastronomic tour
    Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the ancient national culture of Russians, Mordvins, learn their history and taste national dishes.
  • In the footsteps of Ushakov
    Learn the history of F.F. Ushakov and visit places associated with his great victories.
  • Bicycle route
    Cycling through the unique places of the Temnikovsky district
  • Individual routes
    Organization of individual routes according to your preferences.
  • Eco-tour
    Untouched nature reserve and communication with the most beautiful animals - horses
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  • The team of the Torbeevsky LPUMG branch of Gazprom Transgaz Nizhny Novgorod LLC visited the ancient city of Temnikov. A well-thought-out route made it possible to see and enjoy the beauty of historically interesting places in the Temnikovsky district. At the end of an exciting journey, all participants express their gratitude to MBU "TTC" for a bright mosaic of impressions and a great mood! Thanks to you, our tour has developed!
    Larisa Gorbunova (Chairman of the trade union organization of Torbeyevsky LPUMG)
  • We visited an excursion on an individual route Lesnoe Ardashevo –Emashevskaya grove – O. Endovishche –Nature Reserve – Paper mill "Red Rose" – Temnikov. As a result of our trip, there were unique emotions from the diversity of nature, the richness of the history of the district! Of course, the business card of the Temnikovsky district is a nature reserve, but as our route showed, this is not the only "diamond" of this area. Throughout almost the entire journey, we were accompanied by a guide - an employee of the Temnikovsky library, Vitaly Salnikov. After communicating with such people, it becomes clear - the main wealth is people!
    Natalia Rodina
  • I would like to express my gratitude to all the organizers of these excursions, wish them health and prosperity, let them expand sightseeing tours, and we, in turn, will definitely come back again.
    Irina Demkina
  • The organization of the excursion was "on top", MBU "Temnikovsky Historical Center", as always, fulfilled its obligations 100%. Many thanks from our team to the organizers of the excursion for a wonderful and informative time!
    Katarina Chilikova
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