Sightseeing tour of Lake Endovishche (seasonal offer)

The offer is valid from May 01 to September 30.
Karst failure "Endovishche"
The 2.3-hectare nature monument is located on the northeastern outskirts of Temnikov..
Karst phenomena associated with the dissolution of rocks by natural waters (limestones, chalk, etc.), a complex of underground (caves, cavities) and surface (funnels, polya, etc.) relief forms. In places of karst development, there are sinkhole-type lakes, one of which is the lake "Endovishche" on the outskirts of Temnikov. Noteworthy is one of the publications of the researcher of the lake A. Ryzhikov in the newspaper "Soviet Mordovia" dated March 10, 1979. "Legends about the lake "Endovishche", which is located to the north-east of Temnikov and is now almost within the city limits, are widely known among the population of the Temnikovsky district. One of the legends says that a church was built on the site of the lake, but when the construction was almost finished, it fell through the ground. There is an opinion that the lake is connected by an underground passage with the Moksha River and the pike, ringed and released in the lake, was then caught in the river.
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    80 RUB
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    Children under 4 years old free of charge
    Children from 5 to 7 years - 50%
    Children from 8 to 16 years - 30%
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