Command and strategy game "Laser Tag"

A game with the use of safe laser weapons and sensors that record hits
Laser tag is a popular type of sports game for organizing active leisure. A game for two teams that simulates a game situation in a certain period of time.
Each team is marked with certain colors before the game - blue and red. Marking takes place by programming the gaming equipment.
Laser tag helps to develop tactical and strategic thinking, reaction speed, the ability to predict the actions of the enemy, teaches psychological techniques of fighting an opponent, strengthens character, improves health.

Exit laser tag is a breathtaking adventure, a fresh stream in the lives of children and adults. A new game, which is a battle using laser blaster machines, hitting opponents and interactive targets.
Chases, ambushes, excitement, joy, drive – the essence of the sports and tactical game laser tag. A great way to celebrate any life event.

Nine reasons to order a Laser Tag:
  • Safety. Blasters "shoot" IR rays. Hitting the target is accompanied by a sound signal of defeat;
  • Realistic. Blasters, bandages, vests, first aid kits, a music installation, devices for statistics – a whole landfill is ready on the territory in half an hour;
  • Simplicity. Laser tag is available to children from the age of six;
  • Exciting scenarios. Constantly new stories and roles of participants;
  • The "boring" statistics turn into a fascinating story about the achievements and the manner of play of the laser tag participants;
  • Education. The company's specialists will competently and imperceptibly resolve any inevitable dispute in the game and teach team interaction;
  • Versatility. Laser tag is appropriate for any joyful occasion, if other ways of celebrating have already been tried;
  • The power of adrenaline. The joy of real communication with friends, active play and a sense of victory;
  • The originality of the game, both for children and adults.
  • Cost per person
    300 RUB (1 hour of play)
    500 RUB (2 hours of play)
  • Classification

    Sports game
  • Age category
    From 6 years old
  • Duration
    Up to 4 hours
  • Discounts %
    Not provided
  • Location options
    Outdoor playgrounds, parks, an away game in another area
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