Visit to the "Milkman's House"

The house of the "Milkman" introduces the life and life of the ancestors-Mokshan. You can see the tools with which people provided themselves with everything they needed - housing, food, clothing, etc.
The entourage of the house also introduces us to the village life, preserved since the revolution of 1917. Families of grandparents who survived the Great Patriotic War and had 7-9 children grew up in such houses. Locals can tell a lot about village life at that time. You can listen and sing the songs of those years yourself - both well-known and not so well.
All together, this creates an unforgettable experience of visiting the house of the "Milkman" - a place where ancient recipes and traditional methods of cooking milk products have been preserved. When visiting, you will be able to taste homemade cream, sour cream, cottage cheese, butter, etc.
  • Cost per person
    With tasting: 200 RUB (not included: photo/video Summa)
    No tastings: 200 RUB (not included: photo / video Summa)
  • Discounts %
    With tasting: not available
    Without tasting: Children under 4 years old free of charge
    Children from 5 to 7 years - 50%
    Children from 8 to 16 years - 30%
  • Age category
    No restrictions
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