The route will allow you to immerse yourself in the untouched nature reserve and communicate with beautiful and stately animals - horses.
Take a trip without harm to the environment. Visit the Mordovian State Nature Reserve named after P.G. Smidovich. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that the coniferous-deciduous forests typical of these latitudes are preserved in this territory in their original, natural form. And the diversity of representatives of the mushroom kingdom is such that few other protected areas can compare with it.
Pine prevails among the tree species, aspen, birch, linden are also represented. Less common are spruce, oak, elm, aspen. Bird cherry, currant, raspberry, blackberry are common among the shrubs. Animal inhabitants of the reserve:
insects – approximately 1500 species;
fish – 32 species;
amphibians – ten species;
reptiles – six species;
birds – 215 species;
mammals – 60 species.
Get positive emotions from communicating with the most noble animals - horses. Communication with a horse is very useful for children. This teaches them kindness, sensitivity, a sense of responsibility, develops the ability to trust.
  • Cost per person
    367 RUB (not included: amount for group excursions)
  • Classification
  • Age category
    No restrictions
  • Duration
    One-day route
  • Discounts %

    Not provided
  • Number of locations

    2 - Two
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