Sightseeing tour of the territory of the former paper mill "Red Rose"

Monument of industrial architecture of the XVIII century – the building of the Paper mill "Krasnaya Rose."
The oldest enterprise of the Temnikovsky district, which preserves the memory of ancestors and those who made paper under the tsar.
In 1785, the Kondrov factory began its work. Former builders –serfs got up to the vats, the mass was harvested and ground, to the most primitive paper-making machine at that time.
At the beginning of the XIX century, the factory passed from Nesterov to state councilor Andrei Priklonsky. In those years, she began to produce writing and wrapping paper.
In 1885, new equipment was installed. In 1908, the company was considered one of the largest not only in the county, but also in the entire Tambov province. In 1909, there were 125 workers, 122240 rubles worth of products were produced.
In 1947, the factory underwent reconstruction. The outdated paper machine drive from a steam engine was replaced by an electric drive from hydropower. New workshops were created - cast iron foundry and copper foundry, which made it possible to cast parts to machines on the spot. In 1974, a new boiler house with automatic equipment was put into operation. In 1975, the company had 340 workers.
After the collapse of the Soviet Union, the factory went bankrupt. Several workshops were bought out and continued their work under private management.
In 2010, the factory completely stopped its production. There are practically no fully preserved old buildings left. In place of the giant paper wallpaper are ruins.
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