Visit to the ethno-house "Russian"

In a quiet place surrounded by wonderful nature, the ethno -house "Russian" is located, with a carved porch, the architecture of which combines artistic taste and ingenuity of architects. Here travelers are greeted with folk songs and a loaf.
The interior of the house combines originality and centuries-old traditions. The warmth of memories is kept in a Russian oven - the heart of any hut. To this day, the oven is used for cooking food for those who want to taste local cuisine. It has been proven that the food cooked in the oven is the most useful, since all the vitamins are preserved in it.
In the house you can see kitchen utensils, household items, furniture, as well as national costumes and jewelry of the Russian peoples. Take a master class of playing folk instruments, a master class of archery, be inspired by the history and life of ancestors.

In 2023, a new master class on making a talisman "Bird of Happiness" opens.
The Russian people in ancient times believed in various spirits and patrons, and therefore they made amulets that protected and protected the house, children, family, from adversity, diseases and other troubles.
Slavic legends tell about an amazing bird. She is able to protect her home, family, and give peace of mind. Legends have become a reality — a talisman with the image of a bird was hung in the Red Corner by our ancestors. This is a powerful home amulet that protects children, helps to keep the house cozy. With such a bird there will be no sadness and sorrows, she sees everything, knows everything. This is an ancient tradition that is still valid today. For those who want to protect the house from damage, the evil eye bird will be an excellent home mascot.
You will be able to taste popular national dishes: shulyum (meat soup), pies, knee eggs, and a novelty! herbal tea "Health". This is a special collection of herbs rich in useful substances. There is no caffeine in such a drink, and flavonoids and tannins are the greatest benefits for the body. The action of flavonoids is aimed at strengthening blood vessels and normalizing blood pressure. This tea has astringent properties, frees the body from toxins and fights free radicals.

The ethno-house "Russian" recreates not only the culture of ethnicity, but also all the loyalty of the peasantry to the precepts of antiquity.
  • Cost per person
    With tasting: 680 RUB (not included: photo/video Summa)
    No tastings: 400 RUB (not included: photo/video collection Suma)
  • Discounts %
    With tasting: not available
    Without tasting: Children under 4 years old free of charge
    Children from 5 to 7 years - 50%
    Children from 8 to 16 years - 30%
  • Age category
    No restrictions
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