Sightseeing tour of the sausage production of IPKFH Anoshkina S.P.

Would you like to visit the production of meat delicacies and semi-finished products?
Now our tourists have such an opportunity. We invite you to an excursion agricultural route, where you can not only observe the production, but also taste meat products of your own production.
IP KFH Anoshkina S.P. has a meat processing shop where sausage, semi-finished products - cabbage rolls, meatballs, manti, kupaty, etc. are produced. The entire range of meat products produced by the farmer is about 50 items. The products are in demand not only in Temnikov, but also in Krasnoslobodsk and Yavas. They also supply products to 20 outlets in Sarov. The high quality of the products offered has helped to develop and increase sales turnover. For production, 1200 kg of pork is purchased per week and 1 ton of finished products is produced.
  • Cost per person
    Attention! The service is provided only for groups of 7 people or more.
    100 RUB (+400 RUB for a group of 7 to 30 people)
  • Discounts %
    Not provided
  • Age category
    From the age of 10
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