Guided tour of F.F. Ushakov's estate

It is known that Admiral Ushakov led a quiet and modest life in the estate. in his service there were only 5 people in the house – a cook, an orderly and 3 yard workers. The furnishings in the house were modest, without frills and luxury items. The bedroom looked like a ship's cabin.
Admiral Ushakov continued to lead a righteous lifestyle and charitable activities while in retirement, living in the village of Alekseevka.
Not only the peasants of the surrounding villages and residents of the city of Temnikov, but also remote places came to Admiral Ushakov for help. The estate was constantly crowded with the poor, wanderers, former sailors and soldiers, poor noble widows with children came. He did not leave anyone without attention, he shared what he had with the sufferers who had lost their property; he comforted those burdened with sorrow and despondency. "Don't despair! – he was saying. – These terrible storms will turn to the glory of Russia. Faith, love for the Fatherland and commitment to the Throne will prevail. I don't have much left to live; I am not afraid of death, I only wish to see the new glory of the dear Fatherland!"
According to Hieromonk Nathanael, the admiral spent the rest of his days "Extremely abstinently and ended his life as a true Christian and a faithful son of the Holy Church on October 2/15, 1817."
It is known that here in the manor of the Archpriest of the Transfiguration Cathedral of Temnikov, Asinkrit Ivanov, the day before the death of Admiral Ushakov, on the feast of the Intercession of the Most Holy Theotokos, received his last confession and communed with the Holy Mysteries. The day of His blessed death is an Orthodox holiday today.
Until our time, one pond has been preserved on the site of the estate and an apple orchard in the amount of 43 pieces was restored in honor of the admiral's victories. On the site of the house where Admiral Ushakov lived, there is a memorial sign and an Orthodox cross.
It is planned to restore the manor of Feodor Ushakov, destroyed during the revolution.
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